B-Unique salon in Durrington wins four awards in two days

A BEAUTY salon in Durrington has been crowned the south west’s best new salon of the year.

B-Unique Beauty and Aesthetics, on Bulford Road, opened just two years ago during the pandemic and the team’s efforts have been recognised.

The salon won a total of four awards over the course of two days.

On Sunday, July 24, B-Unique was crowned the south west’s best new salon of the year at the Great British Hair and Beauty Awards 2022, a ceremony organised by Oceanic Events.

At the British Hair and Beauty Awards 2022, which is a separate event that happened on Monday, July 25, the salon won three bronze awards. These were for best salon of the year, best customer service, and Mariah Hanson won brow specialist of the year.

Salisbury Journal: Jamie-Lee Jones and Mariah Hanson from B-UniqueJamie-Lee Jones and Mariah Hanson from B-Unique

For Jamie-Lee Jones, owner of B-Unique, these “life changing” achievements have helped her realise she’s building her “dream business”.

She said: “It’s a massive achievement to offer so many services and be recognised for it.

“The support from our clientele has been amazing and for us it’s life changing.”

Jamie-Lee is trying to cater her business to meet everybody’s needs to stand out from the competition.

Offering childcare, a wellness centre, hypnotherapy, and wellbeing treatments, Jamie-Lee says B-unique is providing things “you wouldn’t normally find in a beauty salon”.

Mariah Hanson, a beauty therapist at B-Unique, won an award recognising her skill as a brow specialist. This required testimonials from her clientele, answering questions, and extensive training.

She said: “I can’t explain what this means to me – It has massively boosted my confidence and makes me realise just how far I have come in the last year. 

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.”

Overcoming self-doubt

Recognising Mariah’s achievement, Jamie-Lee said: “I’m extremely proud of her and she’s really struggled believing in herself. I wanted to prove to her that she can do this and that she’s more than capable.”

Winning the awards has motivated Jamie-Lee to expand her business even further. She has been reaching out to clients, asking them what other services the salon could provide.

The beauty therapy team at B-Unique consists of Jamie-Lee Jones, Holly Richardson, Mariah Hanson, Benz Nuchjanard, and Madison Lamb.

A Spokesperson for The Great British Hair and Beauty Awards 2022 said: “The winners reflect the creativity and talent that flows within the profession. These specialists inspire others when it comes to the big and competitive world of beauty.

“The winners lead the way in providing innovative treatments and are role models for the rest of the beauty world.”

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