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Eat Drink Yoga – October 2022


Healthy eating goodies

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Vada Pow Indian Street Food

Sometimes it’s good to have some comfort food in the house when you get back late and don’t fancy cooking. These
vegan and gluten-free Indian street food options from Vada Pow make great choices. The Spiced Potato Cake is fortified with turmeric, fresh

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Practice and Reap the Health Benefits

Health Benefits. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has been found to have numerous benefits for both the mind and body. It’s a form of exercise that involves breath control, meditation, and specific poses. Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and it can be practiced anywhere, with little to no equipment … Read More

Winter is here! Switch to these 7 yoga poses

yoga poses A hot beverage and a cozy blanket are perfect for watching the world go by throughout the winter. During this chilly weather period, we tend to be sluggish and low in energy. It gets tougher to get out of bed. Are you experiencing lethargy as well and looking out for solutions to stay rejuvenated? If so, practice these … Read More

How A Beauty Supplement Finally Helped Users Grow Strong

Nail supplements fall under the broad category of beauty supplements. And while you can find nail specific options out there, you can also just find a beauty supplement that addresses nail health, alongside skin and hair. (Multitasking beauty for the win.) One such is mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+, which features the namesake collagen peptides along with other beauty heavy

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Face Tapping Benefits For Skin & How To Do It Correctly

Aside from the relaxation benefits of tapping, the sensation itself can increase circulation in the skin, which helps support healthy blood flow and an even, glowing complexion—plus, blood flow is crucial for firming the facial tissue and smoothing fine lines.

“[It] increases blood circulation and improves lymph flow to help us keep up levels of skin cell function and lymphatic

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Integrative Health Expert Stacie Stephenson, D.C.

7:30 p.m.: I try to note the time that the sun sets every day. Whether it’s earlier in the winter or later in summer, I do my best to get outside and have a look—even if it’s just for a few minutes. The red light is great for sending my brain the message that it’s time to stop working and

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