Family’s powerful tribute to Sunshine Coast yoga teacher mum

After giving birth, Lauren Verona held her beautiful baby Lucinda as they shared a powerful moment of mother-daughter connection.

“They had skin-to-skin touch as Lauren held Lucinda,” her husband Ryan Gaylard said.

“They heard each other’s sounds and Lucinda, strong as ever, lifted her head to allow connection with their eyes.”

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It was one of Lauren’s few moments with Lucinda before she died.

Lauren, a mother to her two other young daughters Allira and Evie, succumbed to a rare condition after giving birth.

Lauren Verona has died after complications during childbirth. Credit: Facebook/Lauren Verona

“This has been an extremely difficult time that no words could properly explain,” said Gaylard.

“There is pain from our unfathomable loss.

“But our hearts a filling from our little bundle of joy that Lauren has blessed us with.

“Lucinda means light and she most certainly is a light in these dark times.”

Lauren, a beloved member of the Sunshine Coast community as a yoga instructor studio owner, gave birth to Lucinda at home on June 8.

Lauren’s husband Ryan and daughters Evie, Allira and Lucinda. Credit: 7NEWS

Gaylard says it was ”Lauren’s perfect natural birth, exactly how we had practised”.

The couple had undertaken a hypnobirthing course that “empowered Lauren to gracefully bring Lucinda into this world, just how she wanted to”.

“Lauren strongly believed in and was very intuitive about her own body’s capability and was always inquisitive about the best ways forward for herself,” Gaylard said.

“She inspired all women to empower themselves with this belief. (As) what would Lauren say: ‘My mind, my body, my choice’.

“Lauren composed herself perfectly, calmly breathed her baby into this world.”

However complications arose after the birth.

Rare condition

Lauren suffered the extremely rare condition amniotic fluid embolism, where fluid from the womb enters the bloodstream and causes organ failure.

She died on the same day as giving birth.

A coroner is investigating.

The family has been told her home birth had nothing to do with her death.

“This condition is as rare as hens’ teeth and our family has been informed by hospital staff, no matter where Lauren birthed Lucinda, horrifyingly, the result would have been the same,” said Gaylard.

Lauren Verona and her husband Ryan Gaylard. Credit: Facebook

Lucinda, Gaylard said, is a healthy and happy baby, having slept through multiple nights and benefitting from breast milk donated by friends and strangers.

While her mother has passed, Lucinda’s sisters have vowed to raise her as her mum would have.

“Little baby Lucinda makes me feel better each and every time I glance at her,” said Allira.

“I will treat Lucinda as mum treated me, as mum would want me to.

“My mum’s memory will never fade. My mum is forever in our hearts, emotionally and spiritually.”

Lauren’s daughter Allira has paid tribute to her mum. Credit: 7NEWS

Gaylard said Lauren was never alone during her final fight – and she passed away knowing Lucinda was in good hands.

“I was with her during her fight to hold, talk to and look into her eyes. I spoke to her of our love, Allira, Evie and Lucinda’s love and to fight to stay with us,” he said.

“She knew Lucinda was OK and perfect. I told her all the amazing things I could think of at the time, and most importantly, that I knew she was strong enough to do this.

“She momentarily gained a heartbeat, a testament to her divine strength.

“I was with her when the doctors had exhausted all efforts and we had our last moments before saying farewell for now.

“The universe had a higher plan for our beloved Lauren.”