URI’s Vision Turned Reality with Matrix

When looking to streamline their cardio equipment, the University of Rhode Island (URI) turned to Matrix Fitness.

“We dedicated a whole wing of the Anna Fascitelli Fitness and Wellness Center to Matrix cardio equipment,” said Courtney Mackey, the fitness, health and well-being coordinator at URI. “We were looking to streamline our cardio equipment to make the experience more user friendly and simplify service processes.”

The installation took place in January 2022, which was Mackey’s first experience working directly with Matrix. As such, she shares more details on their partnership with Matrix.

Campus Rec Magazine: What are the benefits to your rec center as a result of this partnership?

Courtney Mackey: The customer service experience from planning and purchasing all the way through service has made my job a lot easier.

CRM: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Matrix in any way?

CM: Matrix helped me tweak the layout to include more space for functional training. We prioritized purchasing the most commonly used cardio equipment and cut down on some pieces that were not getting as much usage.

Every inch of space is extremely valuable. We were finding that students were bringing functional training equipment into small pockets of space throughout the facility. We wanted to find ways to carve out more intentional space for this. Matrix helped me accomplish this even though it meant we would be purchasing less pieces of cardio equipment. They truly valued making my vision a reality.

CRM: What else can you tell other campus rec professionals about the benefits of working with Matrix?

CM: The customer service experience and dedication to making my vision a reality will keep me returning to Matrix for future purchases.

For more information, visit matrixfitness.com/us/eng.